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Laid up again!
Last Post 10/14/2013 01:10 PM by 79 pmooney. 5 Replies.
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10/08/2013 04:11 PM
No, I am not in bed. I*m fully functional EXCEPT my left hand has to spend the next week+ in a splint and I am not to use it. I've got an infection that started in the crotch (?) between my index finger and thumb. I went to an urgent care clinic yesterday. They saw the spread into my wrist and promptly sent me to the ER for anti-B IV and drainage. Sent me home with my hand in what looks like a freestyle training assist.

You will have to excuse my typing. I haven't engaged in the hunt and peck in thirty years.



10/08/2013 04:14 PM
A question? My paragraphs look just fine and 'i did nothing beyond hit return twice. Why would I want to do a "." and second post?



10/08/2013 05:46 PM
Drat. This old age is getting old ain't it? I crashed in the underground parking last week and am suffering from strained muscles in the groin and elbow. I think. And tore my brand new waterproof Castelli Gabba jersey. Bugger.


10/08/2013 08:10 PM
i hope that infection isn't anything too serious. with all the stories of mersa and flesh eating bacteria in the news i hope yours is something a shot of penicillin will take care of.
How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.


10/09/2013 04:35 PM
you gotta take this stuff seriously. my buddy had a massive staph infection on his shin, probably from one of his kids. then, two weeks later another infection on the calf of the same leg. IV drip, heavy antibiotics both times. we were joking about him having to get a carbon fibre leg but turns out had he left it a few more days that's probably what would have happened.


10/14/2013 01:10 PM
Update on my hand. I went to a hand specialist Thursday. (Interesting; though everywhere I see her name as one of or the best hand specialist in Portland, you walk in to her lobby and see a big sign listing her top 10 procedures. #1, breast augmentation and uplift ... #10, vaginal tightening. Am I in the right place?)

The doctor prescribed better dressings and made down to earth suggestions about moving my hand, staying active but being careful not to inure it further. Also hold it under running water for 5 minutes twice a day. I left feeling all was well. Friday afternoon I learned the the tests from my ER visit came back. Staph. Missed one rinse and antibiotic on Friday and woke up Saturday with pain and puss. Spent the weekend rinsing the wound every few hours and using Neosporin in toothpaste-like amounts.

The doctor is in surgery all day today, so I have to wait until tomorrow morning to see her. In the meantime, my wound is like a vain person, dressed well and often.

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