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Forum ediquette: posting large pictures
Last Post 12/05/2013 10:38 AM by Keith Jackson. 6 Replies.
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12/04/2013 02:26 PM
Please! Be aware that if you post a large picture on a thread, you make much of the text already written there very hard to read. (Scrolling to read every line gets old very fast.) If you do post such a picture and see that happening, consider editing the post and turning the picture into a link to restore what has already been written by others to readable format.

Now if you are starting a new thread, that is a different issue. Everyone knows the deal and if they want to keep their message readable, they can hit return at a nice line length (kinda like we used to do 30 years ago). And they also have the option of editing if they see that what they have written is hard to read.

Being the picture ignoramus I am, I cannot say how many pixels fit or for that manner, suggest how to shrink a picture. Maybe one of you with-its can help out here.

Thanks guys!



12/04/2013 03:57 PM
Is this platform specific? I use Apple products and don't have this issue when viewing pics here or elsewhere.


12/04/2013 04:20 PM
I don't know. I use Firefox on Windows 2002. Large pictures expand the whole thread page to wider than the Velonation message box so I have to scroll to read a paragraph (or see the whole picture).

I have a wide screen monitor, but rarely use the browser in full screen mode, preferring to have the icons visible as well as edges of other applications.



12/04/2013 04:58 PM
Maybe it's time to update your software... I have a creaky old PC and I can view the forum fine.


12/05/2013 12:56 AM
No problem reading forum here either...and my computer is old....


12/05/2013 09:55 AM
Agree! I use tinypic to post my photos. Usually 640x480.

Got to love an Arizona sunset. Shot it last week

Keith Richards


12/05/2013 10:38 AM

Copy and paste the link on the page when posting a photo except to the following:

Replace "smiley.gif" with the URL location of your photo. Then delete the "Alt=smiley face" part and change the size to 640x480. and you will be all good.
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