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A bit of a rant
Last Post 07/25/2018 02:20 PM by Spudly Crumpett III. 10 Replies.
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07/21/2018 07:42 PM
Dear driver of the 2004 XC90 2.5T Volvo,

Clearly you were driving your wife’s or your teenage daughters car since Volvo owners have a reputation for safety which you completely invalidated as you passed me Friday afternoon.

I know it was a surprise when I caught up to you a few blocks later, it is sort of amazing how fast one can go on a bicycle but adrenaline is pretty cool stuff when it kicks in after getting buzzed from millimeters away.

You telling me to perform an anatomically impossible feat with myself shows your basic lack of human anatomy. On the topic of your ignorance, it’s A) illegal for me to be on the sidewalk, B) furthermore there is no sidewalk on Eastgate Avenue, and C) a bicyclist has the legal right to be on the road. The reason I ride 3’ into the road is to try and prevent the very thing you did; pass dangerously close.

Your assertion that the only reason I was on a bicycle is I can’t afford a car was cute since book value on your wife’s car is about $4,500; somewhat less than the value of my bike. But that aside I’d be happy to trade vehicles with you for a week or so. You’ll enjoy the fresh air and perhaps it will help you get off all the medications you must be on due to your massive girth.

All the best... and I have your a photo, your plate number and a general idea of where you live.

Cosmic Kid


07/21/2018 09:18 PM
We need a “like” button.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
Orange Crush


07/21/2018 10:03 PM
I had a Volvo on my tail today on a high speed descent. It was going a bit out of control to pass me and I wasn't going to make it easier on them.

Why always volvos.
Red Tornado


07/22/2018 07:10 PM
Oh man! We just recently traded our '04 Volvo XC90 2.5T for another vehicle. Sounds like the typical entitled/rushed/impatient driver vs. bicycle encounter. Glad you weren't hurt in the drive-by or the ensuing "conversation". Not all Volvo owners/drivers are like that - at least in central Texas. Well, I know of at least one that isn't. Can't be too careful out there. So many times people that don't ride just don't understand why we do what we do. It's their way or nothing (the entitled, all about me mentality). You hit the current value of the car spot on. Unfortunately, the trade-in value, around here at least, is about 1/3 of that. It was my wife's daily driver for most of its life, but with our kids getting licenses and handing vehicles down, I ended up with it for the last few years. Great running car, decent power/mileage for a 5 cylinder turbo AWD (well, mostly FWD) SUV. Had a nice hitch rack on it & plenty of room for bike stuff inside. Put 168K miles on it. What color was the one that almost took you out? I've only ever seen silver, white & black around here.


07/22/2018 07:26 PM
Silver... and you weren't in southern Missouri earlier this week were you?

IIRR this one has a damaged passenger side mirror... which I have no knowledge of how it came to be pointing skyward

Missouri Bike Federation keeps a log of reported incidents like this, and mails the registered owner a letter letting them know what the state statutes are for bicycles and the incident has been noted in case of further encounters where this would could lead to prosecution. Basically it's a nice letter telling them "eyes on you."
Red Tornado


07/22/2018 07:48 PM
Haven't been in Missouri since the early 2000's. Silver seems to be the predominant color for those SUV's. Like the "we're watching you" thing. Wish we had something like that in Texas. Right now just trying to survive the 110° heat! Keep the rubber side down.


07/23/2018 12:43 AM
Red, that rubber is probably wishing you'd get it off that hot pavement! It's cursing whoever came up with that saying! Just saying ...



07/23/2018 10:18 AM
If I were a judge and some motorist got hauled before me for harassing/endangering a cyclist, in addition to whatever appropriate remedies apply, I would pull his/her driver's license for a month and require them to ride a bike everywhere they went.  I suspect it would open their eyes into why motorists should be courteous and cautious around cyclists.


07/23/2018 10:33 AM
I had a guy recently leap out of his car after buzzing me as I turned into my driveway. He screeched to a halt and jumped out asking if I wanted to throw? I think he thought I was a skinny little cyclist, but once I leaned the bike on the house and took off my helmet and shoes he got a bit scared and accused the 6 people who came to watch his mental breakdown of all being gay.

We all laughed as he took off, and then he came back in the middle of the night and smashed my neighbor's windshield. We know he lives around us and everyone in the neighborhood is keeping their eyes peeled to catch the little fook.


07/25/2018 11:58 AM
I can assure you. As a Volvo owner, never would I drive in this manner described above :-)


07/25/2018 02:20 PM
Hab, I'd throw him a blanket party, when you find him :-)
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