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Gloves, no gloves
Last Post 09/09/2022 10:18 AM by ed custer. 6 Replies.
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09/07/2022 02:37 PM
For the first time in probably years, I walked out the door without wearing gloves.  Didn't want to go back inside so just kicked off.  Felt like I was streaking the Quad (Old School reference.)  Felt liberating!!!  I kinda missed being able to wipe away sweat but there was just this awesome connection to the bars.  Liked it.  Won't like it if/when I crash though!!

Thoughts?  What do you guys/gals do?  Always gloves?
Cosmic Kid


09/07/2022 03:33 PM
Always gloves....always.

Even inside on the trainer.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
Orange Crush


09/07/2022 04:37 PM
I only ever wear gloves on long gravel days. Everything else gloveless.

Not wearing a helmet is even more liberating (I'm Dutch after all LOL) but I only do that on short slow commute and at family ride pace.


09/07/2022 04:56 PM
I"m sure riding without helmet would be exhilarating. But the last time I stepped out for a training ride without one, I got smacked by a car turning right while I was still beside them. Had enough time flying over the hood to think "man, bad day to not wear the helmet!" This was 2007 and I was still in full racer mode, thinking that the winter stocking cap made me look super euro pro.

Helmet wouldn't have made any difference between I landed straight on my face but still...feels naked without one now.
Orange Crush


09/07/2022 05:58 PM
Oh yeah I know. I’ve routed my commute to be pretty risk free. And never training or on any drop bar bike. But that 10 mins every day to and from work is beautiful. Only a few cop stops to date lol. Last time I rode helmetless on a training or otherwise serious ride was 2003, when kids were born. Currently adults. Time flies.


09/08/2022 02:35 PM
Only wear gloves when it’s cold or when I’m on my mbt and want to protect my hands, I wear a pair of motorcycle gloves with Poron in the scaifoid area and the back of the fingers.

I wore gloves after carpel tunnel surgery to alleviate pressure. Ditched them a couple months later.


09/09/2022 10:18 AM
I rode with no gloves once as I forgot to put them on. Two things happened. My hands got a little sunburn as they are to used to sucking in the sunrays. Secondly, lots of stuff floating around in the air out there. My hands became a little itchy. The main reason I think for wearing gloves is if you go down on your bike it's instinctive to reach out with one of you hands as you are falling to the ground in order to soften the blow. My nose runs during certain times of the year. I use the back of my glove as a nose wipe.
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