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Distracted driving - even on dirt
Last Post 08/30/2023 09:11 PM by Dale Dale. 4 Replies.
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08/30/2023 08:35 AM
Jeesh people.  Guarantee this teenager was TikToking or playing on his phone when he struck guy from behind.  On a straight, wide open dirt road in the middle of the mountains.

Not even safe on gravel and dirt roads?

Nothing is going to change unless the super, super tough laws against distracted driving are enforced in much the same way as drunk driving.  Everyone is addicted their little black boxes.
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08/30/2023 10:59 AM
Doesn't really say. Could be speed and/or inexperience. Kids should not be driving unsupervised at that age, period.

Also you're gravel roads are clearly too smooth. No way anyone will be distracted or speeding on our gravel roads, haha. Our car was in shop recently after a bit much time spent on FSRs getting to trailheads this summer.


08/30/2023 05:40 PM
On Monday Missouri, at least we're not Montana, became the 49th state to ban texting and driving but, typical Missouri, it's not a primary offense. Can't be ticketed for it or even stopped for it unless you're doing something else.


08/30/2023 08:11 PM
Something else like driving 2 or more tons of steel?


08/30/2023 09:11 PM
Doing something else that warrants a ticket but, yes, one would think driving a motor vehicle should be a stand alone activity.
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