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FlyKly Smart Wheel
Last Post 10/17/2013 11:36 PM by Frederick Jones. 4 Replies.
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10/17/2013 04:27 PM

This is product is too good to be true, not sure if I can believe what they are claiming but if so I have to give the boys up in MIT grand kudos.

This is a universal rear wheel that fits almost any commuter bike, battery operated, just nine pounds that will motorize your commuter bike for thirty minutes at 20 mph. You can set the speed using your smartphone, sit back and enjoy the ride. Holly turd …you guys hearing me………..and to top it off it comes with a smart chip GPS that analyzes your riding route and style for speed distance and will suggest more efficient routes; again using your smart phone….AND….. if it gets stolen, you can track it down using the GPS locator……and wait for it……..wait for it…….for less than $600. Only thing that would be a nice to have is an espresso maker onboard. I think I am going to have a conniption fit -

This is incredible…

Orange Crush


10/17/2013 05:59 PM
It's been around for a while (2010) but won't go anywhere. Over-engineering. Meanwhile sensible e-assist bikes are abound, my 70+ yr old folks cruise around on them at lightning speed.

"A few years ago, a shiny red wheel that turns any bike into an electric bike emerged from MIT’s SENSEable City Lab, promising a future of lazy two-wheeled transportation for all. But despite a number of promises, the Copenhagen Wheel has yet to actually hit the market.

No matter: A group of Slovenians have created the FlyKly Smart Wheel, which also turns any bike into an electric bike, but at a third of the weight of the Copenhagen Wheel, with an open API and the ability to incorporate crowdsourced intelligence."


10/17/2013 07:14 PM
That kind of invention could really mess with the heads of Strava-addicts!


10/17/2013 08:25 PM
OK how many of us on our fancy carbon wonderbikes have chased down some person on an electric assist sit-up-and-beg bike thinking that it just cannot be. How can this person pedaling at 30 RPM uphill be so damn hard to catch. No more chocolate bars for me. Something really wrong..pulse climbing..sweat pouring...speed rising ..breakfast rising...still can't awwww damn electric as you finally pass that soab.


10/17/2013 11:36 PM
The comic strip Dilbert sort of covered this just recently:
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