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new Campag 1x13v Gravel group
Last Post 09/28/2020 09:39 AM by Dale Dale. 6 Replies.
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Cosmic Kid


09/25/2020 10:00 AM
Dunno about the need for a 9T cog, but this stuff looks pretty good. And for Campag, relatively affordable.

Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


09/25/2020 11:58 AM
I saw that. Still waiting for the 17 cog cassette to get both the range and the gears I always have.

I've started a rather goofy quest of finding the best fit curve that will predict the waits for the next cog. I think a polynomial is going to work pretty well. I"m using when that number of cogs came into use, not when it was invented or first done.

I need to know how long I need to make my current bikes and wheels last before I can do the one clean jump to 1X17 and disc. (Getting that 1X17 at a Q-factor of 145, now that should work to keep this retired guy's mind sharp.)
Orange Crush


09/25/2020 07:15 PM
Personally not yet sold on 1x. But perhaps it’s the future because none of my offspring seems to know how to work a front derailleur or how to line a chain. Always in that small x small.And then they complain the gearing don’t work.Even my wife is challenged although with some road riding this year she’s slowly getting it.


09/25/2020 10:30 PM
Not Campy-related, but 1X. I bought my Yeti mtb 3 years ago on ebay and it came with a 1X11. The jump from biggest cog (I think it was a 46) to the next cog down was ridiculous, going uphill on some of the Denver front range trails I was either spinning up or mashing 'til my kneecaps popped, no in-between. I got rid of that setup and got a 2X11 which works better but the chainline is still goofy. When I was racing cyclo-cross one of my Empella cx bikes was a 1X (10 speed, it was late 90's) and that worked out great, depending on the course obviously. There's an element of marketing with that gravel craze that bugs me. I think I remember seeing somewhere a "gravel" helmet and "gravel shoes", wtf.
Orange Crush


09/26/2020 10:23 AM
I haven’t heard about gravel helmet or shoes.

Yes there has been a measure of marketing but there has also been a steep learning curve on what makes a good gravel bike. The capability difference between my first generation Diverge from 2016 and my current Norco Search is massive.

Also just heard that I am getting a replacement from Specialized of the diverge frame that broke. That frame was already a replacement. So that bike will be iteration 3.0. I am reconfiguring it as an easy graveler and winter bike with fenders leaving the tough gravel riding toSearch.
Cosmic Kid


09/26/2020 07:28 PM
There are definitely “gravel” shoes being hawked, but I haven’t seen a helmet yet. Very possible though.

One of the driving factors in MTB going 1x was suspension design. A single CR opened up pivot placement, tire width options and also reduced pedal-induced suspension actuation.

In general, jumps between cogs are more easily tolerated in MTB situations vs road, so it worked. The added benefit of fewer dropped chains also helped.

I’m definitely switching to 2x for The Rift in Iceland (assuming it happens). My gravel bike has Ultegra on it and can only handle a 36T rear cog. I want at least a 1:1 for that race, so I’ll be switching over the winter.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


09/28/2020 09:39 AM
I run a 1x12 on my mbt and 1x11 on one of my cx bikes. For cross it makes sense, if it's so steep I need crazy low gears I'm better off running (walking briskly actually), and no dropped chains from the bike getting slammed around. On my 'B' cross bike it does double duty as my gravel bike and it's a 2x11 with low gearing for the long, steep climbs here in the Ozarks.

The jumps on the 1x12 are fine, I'd hate them on a road bike but for mountain biking the larger jumps on the big end of the cassette aren't a big deal.

Gravel has evolved so much that it's not as easy to categorized as it once was. Around here it used to be a road bike with as wide of tires as possible or a cx bike with 32mm's and ride down one of the unpaved county roads, now it's everything from what we used to ride the first gen mountain bikes on to chunk rock and bike packing. The "gravel ride" term covers a lot of real estate now, it's not just 40 miles of county road anymore.
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