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Last Post 11/15/2020 07:53 PM by Frederick Jones. 3 Replies.
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11/15/2020 02:52 PM
6ix, very curious about your wife’s second infection.

How long between the 1st and the 2nd infection , and were they both confirmed via a PCR test?
Orange Crush


11/15/2020 03:34 PM
Certainly not first time I heard about this. There was someone here in BC last month too who got it twice.

Makes sense considering there is different strains going around.


11/15/2020 03:50 PM
PCR is the nasal swab test, right?

She absolutely had it the first time back in early April. Tested positive and then tested positive AGAIN the following week even though she felt better. Couldn't return to work until she had two negative tests.

Since she visits patients in assisted living facilities, she now has to get tested THREE times a week!! It's a huge pain. Anyhow, few weeks ago one of her tests came back positive. She felt a bit off but otherwise OK this time. She then had a negative test a few days later so who knows. A false positive perhaps, but she definitely did not feel great, sort of like a typical cold and being lethargic.

She's had the fatigue going off and on ever since. Insomnia too. Personally, I think she did have it a second time but the viral load as a lot less due to her actually having proper PPE this time.

To answer your question specifically, I guess it was 6 months between positives. She donated plasma back in the summer since she had the anti-bodies.


11/15/2020 07:53 PM
Sorry she is ill again. Just not fair. Some covid nasal swap test info, in case anyone is interested:
Nasal swap tests come in two flavors: reagent (fast test, most are very accurate) or PCR (the gold standard, but not fast). Routine screening IIC is, reasonably with one of the faster, cheaper reagent tests.
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