With Cycling Ireland nomination, McQuaid declares ‘ambitious agenda’ as he heads towards UCI elections
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

With Cycling Ireland nomination, McQuaid declares ‘ambitious agenda’ as he heads towards UCI elections

by Shane Stokes at 6:41 AM EST   comments
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Challengers yet to emerge; Irishman says globalisation and anti-doping are two priorities

Pat McQuaidSpeaking after Cycling Ireland’s board decided to nominate him for a third term as UCI President, Pat McQuaid has highlighted globalisation and anti-doping as two areas he states he will focus on as he seeks re-election.

The Irishman had a wait of several hours to secure the backing of Cycling Ireland’s board but, of the seven voting members, only one ultimately voted against him in last night’s board meeting at the Clarion hotel near Dublin airport.

McQuaid said he was ‘delighted and honoured’ to get the nomination.

“I put myself forward to serve another term as UCI President on my record of developing the sport throughout the world and on combating the scourge of doping in cycling,” he said in a UCI release today.

“I engaged thoroughly with board members on both subjects and I welcome their recognition of my achievements and their confidence in me as UCI President.”

Although the outcome was eventually in his favour, McQuaid’s third request for nomination from the CI board was the least certain. Previously backed in 2005 and again in 2009, the board was divided yesterday prior to the meeting.

He spoke at length to the board, answered questions and ultimately agreed to requests to raise certain concerns on governance issues with the UCI management committee.

Those issues are as follows:

1) An independent review of the system of internal controls and processes at the UCI, with the findings to be published and the recommendations implemented.

2) Engagement with Stakeholders to re-write the existing Governance Code and the Code of Ethics, as set out in the Constitution of the UCI.

3) The following proposals are to be put forward to UCI Management Committee for tabling at the 2013 Congress at:

a - A limitation on the period for which a president or vice president can serve in the UCI as follows effective after the 2013 Congress: Firstly, the maximum number of two four year terms, and secondly, that no president, vice president or management committee member can serve the UCI for more than 16 years in total over their life time, in any capacity (paid, voluntary or other).

b - That co-opted management committee members are permitted to vote on all matters which management committee members are entitled to vote.

However the language used in both the Cycling Ireland press statement and the UCI’s own communication on the matter today appears to be non-binding in its wording.

“The Board requested that Pat McQuaid would raise with the UCI Management Committee certain concerns on governance issues which they would consider for tabling at the 2013 UCI Congress,” stated Cycling Ireland in its release.

McQuaid now moves forward and with the nomination secured, will hope to secure his third term of office at the UCI Congress meeting in September.

His second term has been a difficult one, with the UCI’s handling of the Lance Armstrong/US Postal Service scandal leading to criticism, and so too its shelving of the Independent Commission it had previously said would fully vindicate its role.

Thus far no challengers to McQuaid have emerged; it remains to be seen if individuals step forward between now and the Congress.

McQuaid is believed to have indicated to Cycling Ireland that he would not run again in 2017.

“I have set an ambitious agenda to continue developing the sport and to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the fight against doping in sport,” he said in today’s statement. “I look forward to presenting myself for election with the support of my national federation and other federations worldwide.”


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