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nice job dad!
Last Post 09/18/2013 01:01 AM by Tortue Volante. 9 Replies.
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Orange Crush


09/14/2013 12:53 PM
Awesome picture.

Ride On


09/14/2013 01:08 PM
Best part of masters racing, bunch of kids screaming " Go Daddy!!!" We all think its for us, even if our kids aren't at the race.
Gonzo Cyclist


09/15/2013 01:23 PM
very cool, he's even flying the Belkin colors


09/15/2013 10:06 PM
"Best part of masters racing, bunch of kids screaming " Go grandpa!!!" We all think its for us, even if our grandkids aren't at the race."

There, fixed it for 'ya


09/16/2013 02:04 PM
Best also...they think you won just because you were in the race.


09/16/2013 02:11 PM
And in a real sense, they're right. Especially we consider how few of the folks our age can pin on a number and step up to the starting line. If we'd all remember that, our athletic efforts would be less angst-ridden.


09/16/2013 02:22 PM
That doesn't explain the look of utter confusion on my 7yr old son's face when after my first 1/2 ironman he found out I finished 700 and something after he asked if I had won.

It did give us a great opportunity to talk about personal goals and achievement.
Orange Crush


09/16/2013 03:16 PM
The concept of a general classification and accumulated time are hard to explain is what I've been finding. I guess it goes to show that at that intuitive level too, 1-day races rule.


09/16/2013 05:03 PM
Did a crit this summer. Got in a break on lap one. It is a course where spectators can see the whole mile course. My seven year old son was yelling every lap for me. It was 23 laps. We got caught at two to go. He told me I did good. It was a good day.
Tortue Volante


09/18/2013 01:01 AM
Years back, I was in the regional championship crit with my 9 year old son watching in the crowd. I made a boneheaded move on the second lap and got blown off the back. Chased harder than I ever had in my life for way too many laps and managed to grab third. I'm pretty sure his constant yelling was what did the trick.
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