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Cheers to 2014, what are your plans/goals?
Last Post 12/25/2013 10:57 PM by 79 pmooney. 26 Replies.
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12/13/2013 12:00 PM
Actually race cross next year as opposed to just riding around the course 45 minutes at a time as I did the majority of the time this season.


12/13/2013 12:04 PM
I like 6ix's mountain riding goals. FWIW, I can report that Mt. Mitchell is easier on a motorcycle:-). (If they reopen the parkway past Craggy Gardens).
I'm trying to put off some joint replacements as long as I can. What a goal.


12/13/2013 12:41 PM
Actually, the Parkway is currently closed at Elk Mountain and Ox Creek so you can't even climb up to Craggy at the moment. The road slid down the mountain about a mile up, just past the first tunnel. Should be open early next spring. It's awesome when the Parkway is closed to cars but with them doing major road work, it's completely closed. Fenced off, in fact.


12/13/2013 04:00 PM
I want to slay all in the old man category at a Michaux race


12/13/2013 04:03 PM
The entire section from the washout to the Mt Mitchell ridge is a disappointment to me compared to what it could have been. Seems like the road designers were mainly trying to hurry us through without dawdling near the Asheville water supply. Too bad because the scenery is spectacular there.
Orange Crush


12/13/2013 04:19 PM
Gotta get out there sometime and add to the collection of hillclimbs


12/15/2013 04:06 PM
I hope to ride some of those old routes I have not ridden for too many years. At least 2 rides over 100km.
Stay injury free and healthy, celebrate New years eve 2014. My ambition for every year.


12/19/2013 06:41 AM
My goal for next year is to piss off less people than I did this year which will be easy and along the way maybe I can help a stranger or two, it’s time to give back. But a wishing and doing are totally different things.

Bingle Jells and Happy New Rear


12/21/2013 10:55 PM
Enjoy my time on the bike instead of taking things so seriously, set up a few challenge rides with my amigos, and participate in a few TTs, a tti or two and do another cross season.

All of course subject to work and family constraints.

Nick A


12/22/2013 11:19 AM
Never a super-user, but I've been around y'all since early Velonews days. I think I'd like to just be able to ride my damn road bike at least once a week. Seriously. I'm 47, and my wife of about 20 years just turned 50. We met in our twenties, so I feel like I hit every milestone three years early. I started bike racing at 15 in 1981, and really only did it seriously for a few years, with two or three, "got into good enough shape to sit in the local group ride and/or flat criterium" stints. We're both re-examining our life/work balance. I've had a pretty wild variety of jobs and careers, but about to transition out of working with a medical population that often has a poor prognosis. It's a real honor, but it effs with your head.



12/25/2013 09:27 PM
Going for three double centuries and the california triple challenge (three doubles in one year).
And the mount diablo climb under one hour.


12/25/2013 10:57 PM
Explore the paved county roads in the southeast corner of my county in my good bike and some of the many more unpaved ones on my trusty old Mooney with its 32c tires. (Where horizontal is only in the imagination.)

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