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More blatant than ever, this UK Postal...
Last Post 07/22/2015 10:32 PM by Nicholas Arenella. 16 Replies.
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07/16/2015 09:09 AM
Maybe I am now forever a cynic, maybe I am pissed because this has become a somewhat boring tour, or maybe we are just so gullible that we as cycling fans will swallow another mouthful of "high-cadence" swill. For me, It's impossible to believe that Sky is not pulling the same old sh!t as US Postal - only better, and the powers that surround cycling - regulating bodies, media, etc. - and its money are just as complicit, if not more than any team or rider.


07/16/2015 09:42 AM
Yeah - feel exactly the same way. Maybe it's a coincidence that Contador, Nibili, etc. are on bad form at the wrong time. However, watching Froome (and Porte) dust Quintana the other day was an eye opener. Tejay and Valverde look to be on good form, but not that kind of form.
Cosmic Kid


07/16/2015 09:52 AM
When I see George Hinca.....err. Gerraint Thomas being the last guy pulling Froome up a HC climb, I have to kinda shake my head...
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
Orange Crush


07/16/2015 11:03 AM
Yeah I am always suspicious when I see an entire team dominating affairs. Equally suspicious about the Froome transformation around 2010. But speed up final climb didn't seem that far out there today.


07/16/2015 11:36 AM
I watched a documentary about Lance Armstrong the other day ("Stop At Nothing"). We were getting the Showtime channel for free. Greg LeMond at one point said that L.A. was not showing any sign of pain or being in distress during one mountain stage. He said something did not look right. That's when the talk about drugs began to surface. When watching Froome the same suspicion came to my mind. Or it could be that we just don't trust anyone when they are doing extremely well. Too bad it has to be that way....Until proven otherwise, I guess we have to believe he is not taking any substances.


07/16/2015 03:25 PM
Posted By Cosmic Kid on 07/16/2015 09:52 AM
When I see George Hinca.....err. Gerraint Thomas being the last guy pulling Froome up a HC climb, I have to kinda shake my head...

Hahahaha.... well done, sir!
A bunch of us were talking the other day and I mentioned GH winning a mountain stage as the point when doping had jumped the shark


07/16/2015 04:31 PM
CK, that is perfect! "No chain! No chain!"

At least the also-rans took a few jabs at the Skybots today. Resistance may be futile, but good on them for trying.  Hopefully the Alps will be a different story.


07/16/2015 07:09 PM
lsd, except that the Alps are, in general, more consistent in grade, better pavement and happen a week later in (statisticallly) better weather. All to Froome's liking.

And those jabs today happened so late that Froome had little to fear, Even if one worked, what was he going to lose? A minute? A minute to a rider 3-4 minutes back? Even if every other contender got a minute on Froome, every DS would be looking at the same facts. They went into the Pyrenees and lost time to Froome in the terrain that is not so favorable to him.

Ride On


07/16/2015 07:21 PM
That would be show down Postal vs Sky , Lance vs Froome

I think Sky has at least learned not to give the good stuff to the whole team , only a few guys is enough.


07/17/2015 09:22 AM

Saturday Night Live Doping Olympics


07/17/2015 10:19 AM
How I felt about astana at the Giro


07/17/2015 01:18 PM
Froome seems so elated with himself he is forgetting how it all looks from our side...A little acting ala the "professional wrestling" would go a looong way to almost make it look believable. I can't watch anymore.

I miss my sport.



07/19/2015 10:09 PM
The overwhelming evidence suggests that in the years of LA that everyone was cheating yet USPS dominated. Was it because they were also the best organized and prepared too?
If your idea is that nothing has change then doping is the only explanation but if you believe that cycling is changed then how do you just assume it is the old ways. Unlike LA Froome calls out the shortcomings in testing? Why does he do that if he might get caught? If Sky is doing more than being the best and most disciplined team I hope they catch them soon but if there is a team that I think is wrong it is Astana.


07/20/2015 01:38 PM
Froome looks too ugly on a bike to be doping. Basically every other contender is faltering. I really don't think Quintana will EVER win LeTour. It is too big. This is no Vuelta. This is where the big guns show up. If Contador showed up 100%, he'd be ahead of Quintana. He's a one trick pony. Good going up, that is about it.
Nick A


07/21/2015 09:30 PM
Master50. After reading Tyler's book, it sounds like it wasn't that Postal was the best organized. It sounds like Lance was ruthless in his mafioso style, coupled with greedy co-conspirators in the business of cycling, who were all too happy to cash in.
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