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Cav gets honorary Doctorate
Last Post 02/23/2016 10:29 PM by Orange Crush. 4 Replies.
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11/06/2015 08:04 PM
University of Chester

I'm guessing that besides the publicity, they wanted to see his pretty wife.

For those that decry this as a pathetic dilution of academic standards in the name of rank publicity ("How many peer reviewed publications does Cav have? Why, none!" sniff the snobs), consider the following:
Brian May (Queen's most excellent guitarist) was President of an English University. Yes he has a PhD in astrophysics, but still . . .

PS congrats Cav. I like the elder statesman Cav even though he doesn't win much any more.
Gonzo Cyclist


02/23/2016 12:21 PM
and, just read he solved a Rubiks cube in 2 minutes!! ha ha
Orange Crush


02/23/2016 01:56 PM
AND he fixed some poor ladies flat tire the other day. Good chap.

He looked descend with the cube but nothing like some of the kids these days. Variations on Rubiks cube are back with a vengeance including speed competitions etc.


02/23/2016 08:37 PM
There exists a competition of computer driven/mechanically enacted solutions to the Rubik's cube. The record solution is now measured in fractions of a second. Especially robust cubes are required to handle the mechanical stress of such rapid solutions, which are even faster than Cav in his prime. Imagine that.
IBM's Watson is close to putting a lot of us out of our jobs.
"Open the pod bay doors Hal."
Orange Crush


02/23/2016 10:29 PM
The record for the 3x3x3 I just under 5 seconds. There's smaller ones with much faster records and yes they can come apart quite spectacularly, like a sprint crash.
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