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Memorial Day
Last Post 05/29/2013 03:18 AM by 79 pmooney. 11 Replies.
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05/27/2013 07:00 AM
Which forumites have been active duty military? I know that bobswire did at least one tour in Viet Nam. I was in the Air Force from 68-71. Anybody else?


05/27/2013 09:19 AM
But today is not for us, that's in November.
cycling chick


05/27/2013 10:31 AM
I was a Marine Corps wife from 1990-2001.


05/27/2013 11:06 AM


05/27/2013 11:08 AM
Army (63H). On Memorial Day I certainly think about those who gave their lives but I also think about those who have been forever changed. I have several friends who will never be the same mentally and/or physically. lsd is correct that Veteran's Day recognizes those who lived through their service but I remember 'who they were' today.


05/27/2013 12:00 PM
USMC '71-'78.
Seems so long ago.



05/27/2013 04:26 PM
Army, Korea 14 months 1953/54. Been a while


05/27/2013 09:21 PM
French Paratroops 84-85 (sorry). I hope I won't hijack this thread, but it has been a relief for me to see France participate alongside the US in operations in Afghanistan, Lybia and, more recently, get support from the US logistically in Mali. In the US, people give respect to their fallen troops, in France, not so much. Patriotism is a dirty word in France. Americans can be proud.


05/27/2013 11:35 PM
Props to all who have served. It's something that was almost scorned by my generation and I feel we lost something.

Check out this video. I was a bit distracted by his attire.


05/28/2013 11:21 AM
Well put by Sebastian Junger.

It's taken me a long time to realize "the error of thinking the war belongs to the soldiers who fight it."


05/28/2013 07:02 PM
From Wikipedia:

Following President Abraham Lincoln's assassination in April 1865, there were a variety of events of commemoration. The first well-known observance of a Memorial Day-type observance after the Civil War was in Charleston, South Carolina on May 1, 1865. During the war, Union soldiers who were prisoners of war had been held at the Charleston Race Course; at least 257 Union prisoners died there and were hastily buried in unmarked graves.[12] Together with teachers and missionaries, black residents of Charleston organized a May Day ceremony in 1865, which was covered by the New York Tribune and other national papers. The freedmen cleaned up and landscaped the burial ground, building an enclosure and an arch labeled, "Martyrs of the Race Course." Nearly ten thousand people, mostly freedmen, gathered on May 1 to commemorate the war dead. Involved were about 3,000 school children newly enrolled in freedmen's schools, mutual aid societies, Union troops, black ministers, and white northern missionaries. Most brought flowers to lay on the burial field. Today the site is used as Hampton Park.[13] Years later, the celebration would come to be called the "First Decoration Day" in the North.

David W. Blight described the day:

"This was the first Memorial Day. African Americans invented Memorial Day in Charleston, South Carolina. What you have there is black Americans recently freed from slavery announcing to the world with their flowers, their feet, and their songs what the war had been about. What they basically were creating was the Independence Day of a Second American Revolution.”[14]

However, Blight stated he "has no evidence" that this event in Charleston inspired the establishment of Memorial Day across the country.[1

My great great uncle died leading the Massachusetts 54th at Fort Sumpter in that city.



05/29/2013 03:18 AM
Correction: Fort Wagner

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