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Electric Razor Recommendations
Last Post 10/08/2013 03:59 PM by Justin jmdirt. 13 Replies.
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09/19/2013 10:31 PM
My Norelco (3 head) electric razor is on its way out, I can barely get a shave from a full charge. What razors work well for you? What razors suck? How about electric wet shavers? I prefer rechargeable.

I don't want to hear about soap and a Bic...I did that when I was in the Army and don't want to do that again. ;]



09/20/2013 12:08 PM
I have a Norelco 4958, which I believe is the lowest price rechargeable Norelco. I bought it at Best Buy approx 3 years ago for around $38.00. I had a higher model Norelco that I had for years and it stopped keeping charges. I also have a Braun 4615 which my wife bought me for Xmas years ago, it sucks. It's a wet/drive, can't see any difference shaving wet. I sometimes shave with a disposable razor and gel shaving cream (out of a tube). I can get a closer shave with an electric razor, but it takes longer. Target stores have a good selection of razors. They can get kind of pricey. I figure the more options, the more apt for something to break. I like to keep it simple. I think the lower model Norelco's use the same rotary blades as the pricier models.


09/20/2013 12:14 PM
seriously, electrics suck. get a mach3, shave in half the time, never have to clean it, get blades at costco.
doesn't compare to a Bic.


09/20/2013 12:25 PM
I have a Mach III that I use to trim my hair line, and get a few spots that the electric struggles with. Maybe I'll try it on my face a few times and see what I think.

I won't however go to CostCo! ;}


09/20/2013 12:38 PM
hot water on face before soap is the key


09/20/2013 09:03 PM
+1 on the mach3, although I would still be a holdout for the older sensor-xl 2 blade if gillette hadn't jacked the price of blades up past the mach 3 blades.
hot washcloth on face for a couple minutes is even better than hot water.

On an aside, (speaking of the hot cloth) I just got a hot straight razor shave at the barber yesterday morning. That's livin'!.


09/20/2013 11:06 PM
Mach three is best. Wilkinson shaving soap and a brush too. But foe weekends I have a Braun nine hundred something. It's OK. Not great though.


09/21/2013 10:49 AM
I was just doing a little math: I paid $60 for my Norelco electric 11 years ago. That's pretty cheap per shave. I think that I paid $5 for the three pack of Mach 3 blades that I have now. If I can get a three pack to last two months that would be $30 per year which is $330 for 11 years! In reality, the life of a three pack will be closer to a month which obviously doubles those numbers.
EDIT: I forgot about new heads every few years so the electric cost me $140 for 11 years.


09/21/2013 05:53 PM
We talking legs, face or both?


09/22/2013 09:57 AM
When I started this thread I was looking for an electric razor for my face. Now, I'm trying some recommendations from the crew.

I shaved with a Mach 3 and C.O. Bigelow Eucalyptus Shave Cream. All went well and felt fine. It was faster than my old electric and my face smelled like eucalyptus all day. My wife has some shave gel that I may try just to see what feels best.


09/22/2013 07:48 PM
I have used Phillips for decades and my last 1 got a new battery that only lasted another 3 years before the charging circuit died. I am in my 50s and am on my 3rd electric razor so they seem to last about 12 years or so.
I love the shave of a blade but hate what it does to my skin.
Always get razor burn.
Big DanT


09/23/2013 01:48 PM
I used Mach 3 power for years, it finally broke.
I now use Gillette Fusion Power.

That and a bit of Barbasol Beard buster used on entire head and face.

I thin the vibrating blades help reduce the burn




09/26/2013 09:25 AM
I've always been a Braun fan, but less so since they began outsourcing the manufacturing to China. The precision isn't what it used to be. Still, I prefer an electric to the blade.

Once, when returning from Europe I was shopping in the duty free shops to get rid of the extra euros in my pocket. One shop had a Braun shaver in the display case. I asked to see it and, to my surprise, it was German-made. I told the clerk that I'll buy it because it is German, and about three other guys who were standing around listening lined up to do the same thing.


10/08/2013 03:59 PM
update: I'm liking the Mach 3 and C.O. Bigelow. Now I need to get on ebay and get a deal on some blade cartridges.
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