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Giro/Vuelta In Covid
Last Post 10/21/2020 10:01 AM by 79 pmooney. 4 Replies.
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10/16/2020 08:31 PM
Just read an article on Velo about how teams are dealing with Covid and expectations for the rest of the racing season. Should they continue, who's responsible to pull the plug? It reminded me of posts that seem like a life time ago on here. How everyone is going forward? Trips canceled. A few jokes made in hind sight I wish I hadn't. It made we wonder, considering there seems to be a wide range of people from different contries on this sight, how you have changed since the beginning. Funny, no sad, how I phrased that. I have canceled two trips to Europe and have not eaten in a rest. in six months. I microwaved my mail every day for months. Any parcels I got I sprayed with bleach disinfectant and let sit in the garage for at least a day. I don't do that anymore. I had no personal contact with anyone for a couple months. Now I let my two sons come over if they wear a mask and a friend or two who I trust. I were a mask and still do everyday I leave the house and use hand sanitizer when I get back in the car. I just wonder how all of you are dealing with this new world. Every time I go somewhere I get depressed when I see everything we must do. Have already lost one friend to suicide, which I blame on conditions of the world today. But I have no knowledge of anyone getting Covid close to me. I worked at a Post Office for 35 years and I know some of them have gotten sick. I don't know how they have done their jobs this year between the virus, fires. I live in CA. and all the political mail. Why I retired last year. Sorry for long post but just wondering how you are all dealing in your world?


10/16/2020 08:32 PM
Sorry I had paragraphs and such but just ran on. Kinda like me.
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10/16/2020 08:49 PM
Local and National health authorities have been the ones pulling plug on bike races in various parts of Europe and will continue to have that role for races going forward. They also have that role for other sports and Covid measures in general.

I am in BC Canada. We have had the luck of being led by one of the most renowned infectious disease response experts in world, she’s an old navy brat where she had her first encounter with such matters. Between that and plain luck we’re in a relatively good spot. Taking our precautions but otherwise things are pretty good. Haven’t been in a restaurant since March either. The solo ride mandate may have led to the best cycling year ever. Got a ton of remote gravel rides in and have enough ride plans in the cooker to sit this Covid thing out for another three years.

As to politics, I get to vote too. Next weekend. We were told two weeks ago there would be a vote. Short and sweet timeline, tends to keep the insanity and trench digging in check. Now we just need to keep that border shut to keep you fools out.
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10/19/2020 09:50 AM
Sorry I had paragraphs and such but just ran on. Kinda like me.

Initial posts don't break your post into paragraphs for some reason....you can either start a thread with just a single sentence and then do a follow-up post, which will let you naturally break into paragraphs.

Alternatively, you can use the code [/br][/br] after your ending sentence in a paragraph in an initial post, but replace the brackets [ ] with arrows < >.
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10/21/2020 10:01 AM
I moved this to 2020 Vuelta thread.  (Vuelta - yes, COVID - n0)
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