Vuelta a Asturias: Robert Förster awarded stage 2a in controversial circumstances
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Vuelta a Asturias: Robert Förster awarded stage 2a in controversial circumstances

by Ben Atkins at 9:28 AM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Race Reports and Results
Peloton misdirected and Rubén Jiménez crosses first as the only one to go the right way

robert forsterRobert Förster (UnitedHealthcare) was awarded a controversial victory in the first part of the second stage of the Vuelta a Asturias between Gijón and Aviles. The German won the sprint at the head of the peloton at the end of the 82.9km half stage, but he had not been the first rider to cross the line.

The peloton was all together as it approached the finish but, with 10km to go, it was misdirected, meaning it was forced to stop and turn around. Rubén Jiménez (Burgos 2016-Castilla y León) had been slightly behind and was sent the right way; the Spanish rider crossed the line to take what he thought was a stage victory.

Shortly afterwards Förster led the peloton home and the race jury eventually decided that the victory was his, ahead of Sergey Shilov (Russian National Team) and Jiménez’ Burgos 2016-Castilla y León teammate Francisco Manuel Anton.

As the entire peloton finished together, the luckless Jiménez was eventually awarded last place on the stage, but in the same time as the rest.

With the peloton given the same time, stage one winner Stefan Schumacher (Miche-Guerciotti) holds on to his race lead, ahead of the afternoon’s 14km time trial in Piedrasblancas.


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Vuelta Asturias, Spain (2.1) Stage 2a Results: Gijon to Aviles (83 km):

  Click on the arrowsat the top of the column to sort the race results.
Country Result Name Team Time
ger GER 1 Robert Förster (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) 02:06:01
rus RUS 2 Sergey Shilov (Russian Federation) s.t.
esp ESP 3 Francisco Manuel Anton Martin (Burgos 2016 - Castilla Y Leon) s.t.
esp ESP 4 Joaquin Sobrino Martinez (Caja Rural) s.t.
por POR 5 Sergio Miguel Vieira Ribeiro (Barbot-Efapel) s.t.
esp ESP 6 Ruben Perez Moreno (Euskaltel - Euskadi) s.t.
por POR 7 Edgar Miguel Lemos Pinto (LA - Antarte) s.t.
esp ESP 8 Pascual Orengo Lopez (Burgos 2016 - Castilla Y Leon) s.t.
ita ITA 9 Roberto Cesaro (Miche-Guerciotti ) s.t.
esp ESP 10 Pablo Torres (Caja Rural Amateur ) s.t.
esp ESP 11 Jesus Rosendo Prado (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
col COL 12 Jaime Alberto Castaneda Ortega (UNE - EPM) s.t.
esp ESP 13 Inaki Isasi Flores (Euskaltel - Euskadi) s.t.
esp ESP 14 Oscar Vicente Grau Jorda (Burgos 2016 - Castilla Y Leon) s.t.
por POR 15 Filipe Duarte Sousa Cardoso (Barbot-Efapel) s.t.
ita ITA 16 Fabio Felline (Geox-TMC Transformers) s.t.
esp ESP 17 Javier Francisco Aramendia Lorente (Euskaltel - Euskadi) s.t.
por POR 18 Cesar Fonte (Barbot-Efapel) s.t.
esp ESP 19 Gorka Izagirre Insausti (Euskaltel - Euskadi) s.t.
esp ESP 20 Ion Pardo (Onda Boavista) s.t.
por POR 21 Sergio Sousa (Barbot-Efapel) s.t.
esp ESP 22 Pablo Urtasun Perez (Euskaltel - Euskadi) s.t.
usa USA 23 Chris Jones (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
esp ESP 24 Constantino Zaballa Gutierrez (Miche-Guerciotti ) s.t.
can CAN 25 Christian Meier (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
esp ESP 26 Noel Martín Infante (Orbea - Oreka SDA) s.t.
pol POL 27 Krzysztof Szczawinski (Miche-Guerciotti ) s.t.
por POR 28 Hugo Sabido (LA - Antarte) s.t.
pol POL 29 Slawomir Kohut (Miche-Guerciotti ) s.t.
esp ESP 30 Pablo Lechuga Rodriguez (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
ger GER 31 Stefan Schumacher (Miche-Guerciotti ) s.t.
ita ITA 32 Davide Frattini (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
rus RUS 33 Kirill Sveshnikov (Russian Federation) s.t.
esp ESP 34 Aritz Bagües (Orbea - Oreka SDA) s.t.
ita ITA 35 Pasquale Muto (Miche-Guerciotti ) s.t.
esp ESP 36 Santiago Perez (Barbot-Efapel) s.t.
esp ESP 37 Alejandro Manuel Marque Porto (Onda Boavista) s.t.
por POR 38 Helder Oliveira (Onda Boavista) s.t.
esp ESP 39 Raul Alarcon Garcia (Barbot-Efapel) s.t.
esp ESP 40 Ricardo Garcia Ambroa (Orbea - Oreka SDA) s.t.
ukr UKR 41 Volodymyr Zagorodny (Miche-Guerciotti ) s.t.
por POR 42 Bruno Silva (LA - Antarte) s.t.
por POR 43 Virgilio Martins Santos (LA - Antarte) s.t.
esp ESP 44 Juan José Oroz Ugalde (Euskaltel - Euskadi) s.t.
col COL 45 Juan Pablo Suarez (UNE - EPM) s.t.
por POR 46 Celio Sousa (Onda Boavista) s.t.
esp ESP 47 Jose Vicente Toribio (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
fra FRA 48 Pierre Cazaux (Euskaltel - Euskadi) s.t.
por POR 49 Rui Miguel Sousa Barbosa (Barbot-Efapel) s.t.
rus RUS 50 Artur Ershov (Russian Federation) s.t.
rus RUS 51 Sergey Rudaskov (Itera - Katusha) s.t.
por POR 52 Hugo Sancho (LA - Antarte) s.t.
esp ESP 53 Luis Rodriquez Pasamontes (Movistar) s.t.
esp ESP 54 David Blanco Rodiguez (Geox-TMC Transformers) s.t.
esp ESP 55 Marcos Garcia Fernandez (KTM-Murcia) s.t.
esp ESP 56 Juan Javier Estrada Ruiz (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
rus RUS 57 Alexander Rybakov (Russian Federation) s.t.
rus RUS 58 Sergey Belykh (Russian Federation) s.t.
por POR 59 Hernani Broco (LA - Antarte) s.t.
esp ESP 60 Vicente Garcia De Mateos (Caja Rural Amateur ) s.t.
esp ESP 61 David Gutiérrez Gutiérrez (Geox-TMC Transformers) s.t.
esp ESP 62 Victor Cabedo Carda (Orbea - Oreka SDA) s.t.
esp ESP 63 José Ivan Gutierrez Palacios (Movistar) s.t.
esp ESP 64 Daniel Sesma (Euskaltel - Euskadi) s.t.
esp ESP 65 Alberto Gallego (Spain) s.t.
esp ESP 66 Pedro Mereno Criado (Miche-Guerciotti ) s.t.
por POR 67 Ricardo Vilela (Onda Boavista) s.t.
esp ESP 68 Higinio Suarez Fernandez (Caja Rural) s.t.
rus RUS 69 Evgeniy Shalunov (Russian Federation) s.t.
por POR 70 Daniel Silva (Onda Boavista) s.t.
col COL 71 Rafael Infantino Abreu (UNE - EPM) s.t.
esp ESP 72 Miguel Angel Candil Delgado (Spain) s.t.
esp ESP 73 Javier Ramirez Abeja (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
esp ESP 74 Imanol Erviti Ollo (Movistar) s.t.
esp ESP 75 Luis Guillermo Mas Bonet (Burgos 2016 - Castilla Y Leon) s.t.
col COL 76 Giovanni Manuel Baez Alvarez (UNE - EPM) s.t.
col COL 77 Stiver Edward Ortiz (UNE - EPM) s.t.
rus RUS 78 Maxim Kozyrev (Russian Federation) s.t.
esp ESP 79 Javier Moreno Bazan (Caja Rural) s.t.
esp ESP 80 Antonio Piedra Perez (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
esp ESP 81 Jon Garate (Spain) s.t.
esp ESP 82 Francisco Pérez (Spain) s.t.
esp ESP 83 Jose Luis Cano (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
esp ESP 84 Delio Fernandez Cruz (Onda Boavista) s.t.
esp ESP 85 Guillermo Lana Banquedano (Caja Rural) s.t.
esp ESP 86 Javier Moreno Bazan (Caja Rural) s.t.
esp ESP 87 Ruben Garcia (Spain) s.t.
esp ESP 88 Juan Jose Cobo Acebo (Geox-TMC Transformers) s.t.
por POR 89 Marcio Barbosa (LA - Antarte) s.t.
esp ESP 90 Jose Herrada Lopez (Caja Rural) s.t.
esp ESP 91 Adrian Saez De Arregi (Orbea - Oreka SDA) s.t.
col COL 92 Walter Fernando Pedraza Morales (UNE - EPM) s.t.
esp ESP 93 Jesus Del Pino (Caja Rural Amateur ) s.t.
por POR 94 Antonio Filipe Oliveira Amorim (Barbot-Efapel) s.t.
rsa RSA 95 Christopher Jennings (Burgos 2016 - Castilla Y Leon) s.t.
por POR 96 Joao Cabreira (Onda Boavista) s.t.
esp ESP 97 Víctor De La Parte Gonzalez (Caja Rural) s.t.
esp ESP 98 Xabier Zabalo (Orbea - Oreka SDA) s.t.
rsa RSA 99 Jacques Janse Van Rensburg (Burgos 2016 - Castilla Y Leon) s.t.
esp ESP 100 Arkaitz Aroca Duran (Geox-TMC Transformers) s.t.
review 101 Carlos Oyarzun (Movistar) s.t.
ven VEN 102 Francisco Colorado (UNE - EPM) s.t.
esp ESP 103 Aritz Etxebarria (Orbea - Oreka SDA) s.t.
col COL 104 Carlos Fernando Piamonte Rodriguez (UNE - EPM) s.t.
esp ESP 105 David Belda (Burgos 2016 - Castilla Y Leon) s.t.
esp ESP 106 Julian Sanchez Pimienta (Caja Rural) s.t.
esp ESP 107 Daniel Plaza (Caja Rural Amateur ) s.t.
usa USA 108 Morgan Schmitt (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
esp ESP 109 Inigo Cuesta Lopez De Castro (Caja Rural) s.t.
aus AUS 110 Rory Sutherland (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
gbr GBR 111 Charles Wegelius (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
esp ESP 112 Mikel Bizkarra (Orbea - Oreka SDA) s.t.
esp ESP 113 Ruben Jimenez Ventosa (Burgos 2016 - Castilla Y Leon) s.t.

Standings after stage 2a:

1. Stefan Schumacher (Ger) Miche-Guerciotti

2. Constantino Zaballa (Esp) Miche-Guerciotti @ 3s

3. David Gutierrez (Spa) Geox-TMC @ 6s

4. Santiago Perez (Spa) Barbot-Efapel @ 10s

5. Iñaki Isasi (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi

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