Manuel Belletti wins short, sharp Coppi-Bartali opener
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Manuel Belletti wins short, sharp Coppi-Bartali opener

by Ben Atkins at 7:06 AM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Race Reports and Results
Local sprinter takes second win of the season in seaside circuit as crashes disrupt the finish


manuel bellettiManuel Belletti (Colnago-CSF Inox) won the opening semi-tappa of the Settimana Internazionale di Coppi e Bartali, based a circuit around the Emilia Romagna coastal resort town of Riccione. The local rider who, like the late Marco Pantani, hails from nearby Cesena outsprinted the peloton at the end of the short, fast, 81.2km stage. Andrea Grendene (Team Type 1-Sanofi Aventis) and Ukrainian Volodymyr Bileka (Amore & Vita) finished second and third.

“It’s always nice to win on my home roads,” said Belletti afterwards. “Before the final corner I was on my teammate [Filippo] Savini’s wheel; then I followed the Liquigas[-Cannondale] train as it set up the sprint for [Daniel] Oss. I was take to 300m to go, I was pushed to the right; despite the headwind and being boxed in I managed to open up my sprint and managed to win over Grendene and Bileka.”

Today’s victory was Belletti’s second of the season so far, after his success in the third stage of the Giro della Provincia di Reggio Calabria. “I dedicate today’s victory to my father Massimo,” he said, “who has suffered a lot and had to have surgery. Things are better now and fortunately he is recovering.”

The big name missing as the peloton rolled away from the start was two-time race winner Damiano Cunego (Lampre-ISD), who withdrew yesterday with an inner ear infection.

Almost immediately there was an attack from Johan Estaban Chaves (Colombia es passion-Café de Colombia) and Luca Fioretti (Ora Hotels-Carrera), who opened up a lead of 1’48” by the 20km point. There was a counterattack from Niv Libner (Amore & Vita), who tried to bridge across to the two riders, but he was unable to get close to them as their lead rose to 2’47” at the start of the fourth of nine laps.

As the leading duo crossed the line for the fifth time, to start lap six, the peloton had cut the deficit to just 1’04”; at the summit of Via Scacciano, which was climbed every lap but only counted towards the mountains competition on the sixth one, it had stabilised once more at 1’11”. With the peloton now determined though, the breakaway’s days were definitely numbered.

With the peloton breathing down the breakaway duo’s necks, and with their capture almost imminent, Chaves attacked Fioretti and set off alone. The Italian rider was quickly absorbed by the peloton but Chaves managed to draw his lead out a little longer; as he crossed the line at the end of lap six he held a slim 21 second lead but was finally caught a few kilometres later with just over 25km to go.

On the penultimate lap Matteo Fedi (De Rosa-Ceramica Flaminia) put in a solo attack; as he crossed the line at the start of the final lap he held a slim 14 second lead but was caught just 2km later.

Once Fedi had been caught the peloton stayed together for the remainder of the lap. Despite the arrow straight finishing straight on Riccione’s seafront Viale Torino, there were two crashes in the closing stages; Andrea Guardini (Farnese Vini-Neri Sottoli), the sprint sensation of the season so far, was one of the key victims.

Belletti managed to avoid the carnage though, and took the victory ahead of Grendene and Bileka; the 25-year-old takes the race lead, which he will carry into this afternoon's team time trial.


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Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali, Italy (2.1), stage 1a results: Riccione-Riccione (81km)

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Country Result Name Team Time
ita ITA 1 Manuel Belletti (Colnago-CSF Inox) 01:57:35
ita ITA 2 Andrea Grendene (Team Type 1) s.t.
ukr UKR 3 Volodymyr Bileka (Amore & Vita - Conad) s.t.
arg ARG 4 Maximiliano Ariel Richeze (D'Angelo Antenucci-Nippo Corporation) s.t.
ita ITA 5 Michele Merlo (De Rosa - Ceramica Flaminia) s.t.
fra FRA 6 Nacer Bouhanni (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
ger GER 7 Robert Förster (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
ita ITA 8 Andrea Pasqualon (Colnago-CSF Inox) s.t.
ita ITA 9 Danilo Napolitano (Acqua E Sapone) s.t.
ita ITA 10 Daniel Oss (Liquigas-Cannondale) s.t.
sui SUI 11 Reto Hollenstein (Team Vorarlberg) s.t.
ita ITA 12 Mauro Finetto (Liquigas-Cannondale) s.t.
ita ITA 13 Sacha Modolo (Colnago-CSF Inox) s.t.
aut AUT 14 Marco Haller (Adria Mobil) s.t.
ita ITA 15 Giuseppe Muraglia (D'Angelo Antenucci-Nippo Corporation) s.t.
esp ESP 16 Constantino Zaballa Gutierrez (Miche ) s.t.
ita ITA 17 Pasquale Muto (Miche ) s.t.
ita ITA 18 Giovanni Visconti (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) s.t.
ita ITA 19 Emanuele Sella (Androni Giocattoli) s.t.
ita ITA 20 Daniele Righi (Lampre-ISD) s.t.
nor NOR 21 Kristian Forbord (Amore & Vita - Conad) s.t.
ita ITA 22 Aristide Ratti (WIT) s.t.
ven VEN 23 Jackson Rodriguez (Androni Giocattoli) s.t.
ita ITA 24 Enrico Montanari (WIT) s.t.
ita ITA 25 Luca Ascani (D'Angelo Antenucci-Nippo Corporation) s.t.
est EST 26 René Mandri (Endura Racing) s.t.
ita ITA 27 Federico Rocchetti (De Rosa - Ceramica Flaminia) s.t.
ita ITA 28 Diego Ulissi (Lampre-ISD) s.t.
col COL 29 Jose Rodolfo Serpa Perez (Androni Giocattoli) s.t.
rus RUS 30 Andrey Klyuev (Amore & Vita - Conad) s.t.
bel BEL 31 Gianni Meersman (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
fra FRA 32 Benoit Vaugrenard (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
ita ITA 33 Alessandro Vanotti (Liquigas-Cannondale) s.t.
aus AUS 34 Wesley Sulzberger (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
col COL 35 Jarlinson Pantano (Cafe De Colombia - Colombia Es Pasion) s.t.
svk SVK 36 Juraj Sagan (Liquigas-Cannondale) s.t.
fra FRA 37 Laszlo Bodrogi (Team Type 1) s.t.
ita ITA 38 Edoardo Girardi (De Rosa - Ceramica Flaminia) s.t.
sui SUI 39 Loïc Aubert (Price Your Bike) s.t.
esp ESP 40 Francisco Javier Vila Errandonea (De Rosa - Ceramica Flaminia) s.t.
esp ESP 41 Juan Jose Cobo Acebo (Geox-TMC Transformers) s.t.
ita ITA 42 Fabio Felline (Geox-TMC Transformers) s.t.
ita ITA 43 Adriano Malori (Lampre-ISD) s.t.
ita ITA 44 Gianluca Maggiore (De Rosa - Ceramica Flaminia) s.t.
ger GER 45 Dominik Nerz (Liquigas-Cannondale) s.t.
esp ESP 46 Iker Camano Ortuzar (Endura Racing) s.t.
ita ITA 47 Paolo Bailetti (De Rosa - Ceramica Flaminia) s.t.
gbr GBR 48 Rob Partridge (Endura Racing) s.t.
ita ITA 49 Fausto Fognini (WIT) s.t.
ita ITA 50 Marco Stefani (WIT) s.t.
nor NOR 51 Frode Solberg (SparebankenVest - Ridley ) s.t.
sui SUI 52 Marcel Aregger (Price Your Bike) s.t.
swe SWE 53 Patrik Moren (Amore & Vita - Conad) s.t.
ita ITA 54 Fortunato Baliani (D'Angelo Antenucci-Nippo Corporation) s.t.
ita ITA 55 Stefano Borchi (De Rosa - Ceramica Flaminia) s.t.
ita ITA 56 Carlo Scognamiglio (Team Vorarlberg) s.t.
ita ITA 57 Francesco Bellotti (Liquigas-Cannondale) s.t.
ita ITA 58 Federico Canuti (Colnago-CSF Inox) s.t.
col COL 59 Diego Alejandro Tamayo Martinez (WIT) s.t.
slo SLO 60 Mitja Mahoric (Adria Mobil) s.t.
col COL 61 Johan Esteban Cháves Rubio (Cafe De Colombia - Colombia Es Pasion) s.t.
usa USA 62 Chris Jones (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
ita ITA 63 Simone Stortoni (Colnago-CSF Inox) s.t.
sui SUI 64 Elias Schmaeh (Price Your Bike) s.t.
ita ITA 65 Simone Campagnaro (D'Angelo Antenucci-Nippo Corporation) s.t.
sui SUI 66 Nicolas Schnyder (Price Your Bike) s.t.
arg ARG 67 Roberto Antonio Richeze (Ora Hotels) s.t.
ita ITA 68 Alessandro Bisolti (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) s.t.
usa USA 69 Scott Stewart (Team Type 1) s.t.
slo SLO 70 Blaz Furdi (Adria Mobil) s.t.
ita ITA 71 Ermano Capelli (Team Vorarlberg) s.t.
slo SLO 72 Tomaz Nose (Adria Mobil) s.t.
pol POL 73 Slawomir Kohut (Miche ) s.t.
slo SLO 74 Kristjan Fajt (Adria Mobil) s.t.
ita ITA 75 Enrico Magazzini (Lampre-ISD) s.t.
sui SUI 76 Daniel Henggeler (Price Your Bike) s.t.
esp ESP 77 Ángel Vicioso Arcos (Androni Giocattoli) s.t.
usa USA 78 Bradley White (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
gbr GBR 79 James Moss (Endura Racing) s.t.
aus AUS 80 Rory Sutherland (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
ger GER 81 Philipp Mamos (Amore & Vita - Conad) s.t.
ven VEN 82 José Humberto Rujano Guillen (Androni Giocattoli) s.t.
ita ITA 83 Emmanuele Vona (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) s.t.
ita ITA 84 Matteo Fedi (De Rosa - Ceramica Flaminia) s.t.
ita ITA 85 Cristiano Fumagalli (Miche ) s.t.
rus RUS 86 Alexander Efimkin (Team Type 1) s.t.
sui SUI 87 Rubens Bertogliati (Team Type 1) s.t.
gbr GBR 88 Charles Wegelius (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
aut AUT 89 Dominik Hrinkow (Team Vorarlberg) s.t.
ita ITA 90 Filippo Savini (Colnago-CSF Inox) s.t.
ita ITA 91 Ruggero Marzoli (Acqua E Sapone) s.t.
ita ITA 92 Stefano Pirazzi (Colnago-CSF Inox) s.t.
col COL 93 Juan Pablo Forero Carreno (Cafe De Colombia - Colombia Es Pasion) s.t.
cze CZE 94 Lubos Pelanek (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) s.t.
ita ITA 95 Roberto Ferrari (Androni Giocattoli) s.t.
ita ITA 96 Domenico Pozzovivo (Colnago-CSF Inox) s.t.
fra FRA 97 Sandy Casar (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
ven VEN 98 Carlos José Ochoa (Androni Giocattoli) s.t.
usa USA 99 Max Jenkins (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
aut AUT 100 Josef Benetseder (Team Vorarlberg) s.t.
col COL 101 Juan Villegas (Cafe De Colombia - Colombia Es Pasion) s.t.
slo SLO 102 Jure Kocjan (Team Type 1) s.t.
col COL 103 Juan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez (WIT) s.t.
esp ESP 104 David Blanco Rodiguez (Geox-TMC Transformers) s.t.
usa USA 105 Edward King (Liquigas-Cannondale) s.t.
col COL 106 Jahir Wilmar Perez Munoz (Cafe De Colombia - Colombia Es Pasion) s.t.
col COL 107 Carlos Andres Martinez Montero (Cafe De Colombia - Colombia Es Pasion) s.t.
fra FRA 108 Thibaut Pinot (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
gbr GBR 109 Evan Oliphant (Endura Racing) s.t.
gbr GBR 110 David Clarke (Endura Racing) s.t.
ukr UKR 111 Volodymyr Zagorodny (Miche ) s.t.
ukr UKR 112 Oleksandr Kvachuk (Lampre-ISD) s.t.
esp ESP 113 David Gutiérrez Gutiérrez (Geox-TMC Transformers) s.t.
col COL 114 Carlo Alberto Betancurt (Acqua E Sapone) s.t.
esp ESP 115 Arkaitz Aroca Duran (Geox-TMC Transformers) s.t.
sui SUI 116 Noe Gianetti (Geox-TMC Transformers) s.t.
ita ITA 117 Luca Fioretti (Ora Hotels) s.t.
rus RUS 118 Sergey Kolesnikov (Amore & Vita - Conad) s.t.
col COL 119 Luis Felipe Laverde Jimenez (Cafe De Colombia - Colombia Es Pasion) s.t.
can CAN 120 Christian Meier (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
col COL 121 Jose Cayetano Sarmiento Tunarrosa (Acqua E Sapone) s.t.
aut AUT 122 Dominik Brandle (Team Vorarlberg) s.t.
ita ITA 123 Francesco Di Paolo (Acqua E Sapone) s.t.
ita ITA 124 Emanuele Rizza (Ora Hotels) s.t.
col COL 125 Sebastián Salazar (Cafe De Colombia - Colombia Es Pasion) s.t.
jpn JPN 126 Kohei Uchima (D'Angelo Antenucci-Nippo Corporation) s.t.
ita ITA 127 Gianluca Randazzo (Miche ) s.t.
ukr UKR 128 Volodymyr Kogut (Amore & Vita - Conad) s.t.
ita ITA 129 Walter Proch (Ora Hotels) s.t.
ita ITA 130 Alfredo Balloni (Lampre-ISD) s.t.
ita ITA 131 Alessandro Malaguti (Ora Hotels) s.t.
sui SUI 132 Joel Eglin (Price Your Bike) s.t.
fra FRA 133 Arnaud Gerard (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
sui SUI 134 Patrick Schelling (Price Your Bike) s.t.
esp ESP 135 Javier Mejias Leal (Team Type 1) s.t.
ita ITA 136 Gianluca Mirenda (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) s.t.
swe SWE 137 Christopher Stevenson (SparebankenVest - Ridley ) s.t.
ita ITA 138 Leonardo Bertagnolli (Lampre-ISD) s.t.
nor NOR 139 Roy Hegreberg (SparebankenVest - Ridley ) s.t.
ita ITA 140 Matteo Rabottini (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) s.t.
slo SLO 141 Aldo Ino Ilesic (Team Type 1) s.t.
ita ITA 142 Paolo Longho Borghini (Liquigas-Cannondale) s.t.
slo SLO 143 Matej Gnezda (Adria Mobil) s.t.
fra FRA 144 Francis Mourey (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
jpn JPN 145 Ryohei Komori (D'Angelo Antenucci-Nippo Corporation) s.t.
ita ITA 146 Alessandro De Marchi (Androni Giocattoli) s.t.
ita ITA 147 Matteo Pelucchi (Geox-TMC Transformers) s.t.
ita ITA 148 Claudio Corioni (Acqua E Sapone) s.t.
ita ITA 149 Simone Masciarelli (Acqua E Sapone) s.t.
rus RUS 150 Alexander Zdanov (D'Angelo Antenucci-Nippo Corporation) s.t.
ned NED 151 Maarten De Jonge (Endura Racing) s.t.
slo SLO 152 Blaz Jarc (Adria Mobil) s.t.
ger GER 153 Stefan Schumacher (Miche ) s.t.
ita ITA 154 Davide Frattini (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
isr ISR 155 Niv Libner (Amore & Vita - Conad) 00:02:04
ita ITA 156 Simone Boifava (Ora Hotels) 00:02:15
nor NOR 157 Filip Eidshiem (SparebankenVest - Ridley ) s.t.
aut AUT 158 Stefan Poll (Team Vorarlberg) s.t.
nor NOR 159 Havard Blikra (SparebankenVest - Ridley ) 00:02:17
ita ITA 160 Daniele Ratto (Geox-TMC Transformers) s.t.
slo SLO 161 Jure Zagar (Adria Mobil) s.t.
slo SLO 162 Matic Strgar (Team Vorarlberg) s.t.
pol POL 163 Krzysztof Szczawinski (Miche ) s.t.
tun TUN 164 Rafaa Chtioui (Acqua E Sapone) s.t.
ita ITA 165 Andrea Guardini (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) s.t.
jpn JPN 166 Takashi Miyazawa (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) s.t.
nor NOR 167 Johan Fredrik Ziesler (SparebankenVest - Ridley ) 00:03:40
nor NOR 168 Martin Olmehim Ole (SparebankenVest - Ridley ) s.t.
sui SUI 169 Bernhard Oberholzer (Price Your Bike) s.t.
ger GER 170 Paul Voss (Endura Racing) s.t.
ita ITA DNS Adriano Angeloni (Ora Hotels)
ita ITA DNS Damiano Cunego (Lampre-ISD)

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